Monday, March 9, 2009

Hand Spun Linen Market Bag

This weekend I got in gear on the two projects in my "hibernation basket". The first of which was market bag I had started for myself. I know this is shocking that I would actually start one of these awesome linen Shetland Shopper market bags for myself, but I did!

I began knitting this bag with some tow flax that I was learning to spin. I didn't mind spinning flax for a bobbin (for non-spinners these are "bobbins") or two, but then I was tired of it. So, I decided to knit my bag with what I had, knowing it would end up smaller than most of my other market bags.

The size turned out to be great! It holds a nice amount of produce and looks great hanging in my kitchen hold my other cloth grocery bags!

The other project I worked on was a felted purse that I did not have high expectations for. I know this sounds pessimistic, but the only reason I wasn't excited about it is because the project was turning out to not be my style.

In the end this worked out o.k.. The bag still isn't my sort of style, but I'm sure it will be someone's style. The photo here is before I knit the red handle for the bag, which have definately given it some pop! I am still trying to decided what I want to embroider on the side of the bag (in red). Any thoughts or suggestions out there?


  1. Hi Emmy,

    I love the linen market bag! The little felted bag is nice, too. The first thought that entered my head about the embroidery was a Chinese Symbol for peace or happiness. Or since it is a purse - a Chinese Symbol for prosperity.


  2. Keep plugging on the felted design...they're quite popular on Etsy right now. :)

  3. I love the market bag too. What a great project. I hate the plastic grocery bags and this is a perfect alternative. Your work is so inspiring.


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