Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My blogging silence hasn't been in vain. I spent the end of last week out of town at a conference and then the weekend up in the mountains. So I will have some lovely photos of the mountains for you very soon, but first my current knitting thrill - Poppy.

This little cutie isn't quite complete, but even so I am so excited to share her with you. Poppy is yet another fabulous pattern by Ysolda Teague.

This dolly is for a wee one who is scheduled to arrive in this world in a couple short months and I hope she loves it. Well, I mean, I don't expect and infant to get psyched about a doll, but you know, eventually.

As usual with Ysolda's patterns this one is written wonderfully. Easy to follow and a joy to knit. I will mention that the mary janes are explained, but they are easy enough to figure out from her close up shot of the feet.

Obviously she isn't quite complete. Today I will stitch on her dress buttons, give her eyes and a mouth, and I'm going to improvise some little underpants for her.

In short, I highly recommend this doll. I can just imagine a little girl carrying her by the arm everywhere. It is a very fun pattern! Enjoy!


  1. Wow this is really nice! You've got quite some knitting skill.

  2. Jess sent me the pictures of this little doll today. Well done. I just love her!

  3. Poppy is a fashionista! I love the matching dress/mary janes combo.

  4. Maybe she is wearing white tights. I can guarantee that undies will be lost within the first week of mother care. Can't wait to see her personality. Pictures please.


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