Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Knitting Journey

(this post is a bit longer than my usual posts, but I wanted to share with you my knitting journey and where I am heading - I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about how I learned to knit)

Initially I taught myself to knit from the internet. A new yarn shop had opened down the street from my apartment and I had snuggled with some Manos del Uruguay yarn which made me decided I should do something with it. I bought the yarn and a pair of birch needles (even before I started I knew metal wouldn't due) and ran home to my computer.

I was successful, for the most part, learning to knit and purl. Sadly though the only thing I attempted with my lovely skein of yarn was a stockinette scarf. It was holey and wonky and sat in the closet for a year or so. I felt accomplished enough, but the knitting bug didn't bite yet.

Awhile later a co-worker of mine had mentioned that she had a friend who was a great knitter. She also mentioned that she was interested in learning to knit something more than a dish cloth and so was I! So her friend took us on and began teaching us how to knit socks.

We met a few times at this patient woman's house to learn how to cast on, start our cuff and so on. My co-worker gifted me a great pair of crystal palace sock needles (that I still love today) and I was on my way.

Whenever I had time at work I would knit on my sock. And I had my issues: making the sock too big, somehow knitting it inside out, making the foot too wide, and all kinds of problems.

I am not sure how many times I tore the sock out, but it was plenty. A couple weeks later David and I moved from Indiana to Colorado and I knit the whole way (and yes that does mean he drove the entire way). I finally finished that pair of socks and started another pair with the yarn from unraveling Manos del Uruguay scarf and I haven't stopped since, literally.

Because I began knitting without a written pattern that is how I continued. I got circular needles and guessed how to make a hat. I knit scarves that weren't wonky and ventured into the wondrous world of yarn. When I got bored of those items I found my first pattern - fingerless gloves from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation.

These days I still write my own patterns, but I also love looking through the awesome patterns that are already out there. Ravelry is an amazing resource for personal knitting and a great way to share my own creations.

Because of Ravelry and my Etsy shop I am getting motivated to write out my personal patterns and make them available to other knitters. This task seems a bit daunting, but I am excited to get some of my own designs out there (and I hope some people will be excited to see them).

Currently on the list to write out... leg warmers, fair isle hat, fingerless mitts, convertible fingerless mitts, a simple beginner hat, and a to-go cup cozy. Any one you would like to see first?

And if you are considering learning to knit - go for it!!! Knitting Help is an AMAZING website and be sure to hook up with a local group of knitters for encouragement!


  1. I am hoping to write a beading pattern soon, too! The thought does seem daunting. I just have to sit down and make myself do it.

  2. emmy, i really enjoyed reading this post! thanks for taking the time to write it and share (and the photos were cute too!)

    i vote for seeing the leg warmers pattern first. i think i saw those on your ravelry and loved them!


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