Friday, January 4, 2008

Cold, no - not cold, RIDICULOUS!

Todays motivation to knit - 25 below temperatures. Yes, you did read that right. Currently in my neck of the San Luis Valley the days highs are in the 20's and the evening lows are in the negative 20's. I am currently sitting at work with a scarf around my neck - there is no thermostat in this section, bah.

What am I knitting you ask? Well, I just began a pair of arm warmers/fingerless gloves in one. They are beautiful butternut color and the yarn is fabulously chunky. I plan to add a little pizazz to them by stitching in some cornflower colored yarn. I would post a photo of them, but since I am just starting them they aren't interesting. Instead, here is a photo of my husband and I being terribly cold last weekend.

Happy knitting to all!


  1. That sounds a bit too cold for me. It's been unusually warm for the past couple of days here in The Ozarks. I can't wait to see your arm warmers.

  2. My husband and I own some property a bit south of Blanca and plan on moving there after retirement. I can't wait for some real winter weather. We don't get much now in Texas and are really looking forward to a real winter! I would love to see your arm warmers.


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