Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thinking About Me, and I need YOUR help

It's true, I have actually been thinking of projects to do for myself! Crazy, I know. Since I started knitting hard-core in August or so I have been cranking out gifts for Christmas and products for Etsy - both things that I love to do. Don't get me wrong I have made myself a pair of fingerless gloves and a hat (that I plan to take apart and redo), but really that is about it. So here are my thoughts...

I recently spun my first ever bit of yarn, and I think it is actually good enough to knit with, surprisingly. With that I plan to make myself an adorable French Press cozy to keep my coffee steamy.

Also, the other day as I was cruising the internet I found this amazing blog, The Shetland Trader. She has designed some fabulous produce bags that I plan to make for myself. The only snag I am running into with that is I don't have the opportunity to get nice hemp yarn unless I order it online - so that is going to take a bit more effort.

Lastly, I want to make myself some leg warmers. Not to wear with tights and a long bright pink sweater, but to wear on a daily basis as I freeze here in the valley. Tonight they are calling for -29 so you can understand why I might find leg warmers to be useful. My high hope is to spin the yarn for these leg warmers, but here is my request from you... cool leg warmer patterns, preferably free and online. So share with me what you find and I'll keep you all posted with my pattern choice and progress. Thanks for your help (in advance)!


  1. Leg warmers sound great! It is cold here too, and yah, sometimes you just have to treat yourself! I see so many of my items take off in the mailbox...and want them back for me!!

  2. hum... I know nothing! But do share pictures of your spun yarn, how cool!!


  3. Leg warmers are perfect for this time of year! :-)

  4. i hear ya :) making for yourself can be even more fun...and important too!

  5. All your projects sound wonderful! I don't have a pattern for legwarmers, but that sounds like a fun project!

  6. Hi
    Thanks for the shout out to my blog! I was just living in Colorado last year (in Colorado Springs)'s beautiful out there...if you ever get to Colorado springs there's a nice little yarn store called Needleworks by Hollyberry and they carry the Hempathy yarn I used for the bag....but perhaps it would be faster to order online!
    Send me pictures if you end up making it!

  7. I love your work!! You made a nice list of things for yourself !! That's Good !! I should be doing the same ;)

  8. Well, I can't help ya with the leg warmer patterns..I'm the *worst* knitter ever! But I'm with ya on the "make something for myself" idea. I'm going to try the same thing this year :)


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