Friday, January 25, 2008

Sharing My Shop

As I was considering what to write about today I landed upon the idea of sharing a few details about a couple items in my shop, I hope you enjoy it.

First I would like to share about quilted bookmarks. All the quilted items I make come from a quilt that was gifted to me and has a nice history. What I am most excited about is a custom order I recently received from an old friend. My friend supports a child internationally and through their letters she found out the young girls favorite bird is a dove because it means peace. Because both my friend and this girl share a love for reading she has asked me to make one of these quilted bookmarks with a dove on it. My friend said she looks forward to explaining to the girl about it being handmade, just for her, and how it can represent the peace between them and the peace they pray for. This is project I hope to tackle over the weekend.

Next I wanted to share a bit about my recycled silk scarflette. I know most of you are probably tired of hearing me talk about Recycled Silk and how much I love it. But, for those of you haven't heard - this yarn is made from the cut remnants in sari manufacturing and coops of women throughout the Himalayas spin those bits into yarn. Sometimes as I knit with it I spend time thinking about the hands that made it, where they are and what their life must be like and I am amazed. So if you own a piece made with recycled silk take a moment to value it and the beautiful history it has.

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about some special pieces in my shop. As always, hope you stop by again soon, and please take this week's poll!


  1. Your quilted bookmarks are lovely. And thank you for sharing the bit about recycled silk... I didn't know that before. :)

  2. I love the quilted bookmarks. They are beautiful!!!

  3. That recycled silk yarn looks really cool. I had a polyester sweater once that was the same kind of mix of colors, and I loved it.


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