Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Newest

These photos are the two newest items in my shop... what do you think? The white scarflette is an upcycled sweater that I unraveled, washed, and crocheted. The Citrus blast washcloths are from 100% cotton, and fabulous for so many things (as listed in their description). I have five more knit items to be listed, but since I am never home when it is light you will have to wait till next week. This Saturday is sure to busy with photographing, photo-shopping, and preparing listings. I also need to take a picture of my new recycled silk - so fabulous. It is possible that I stared at it for at least 20 minutes when it arrived just imagining all that can be made.

Things to come: butternut fingerless gloves, gray fingerless gloves, berries and cream medium scarf, all natural long scarf, and recycled silk goodness.


  1. I like the scarf!!
    and i love colourful things :) they make a day happy!

  2. thank you!!

    interesting to see what else do (immigration advocate).
    I just went through that up here (immigration fun :-p).
    mind if I link you to my blog??

  3. I love the way your scarflet looks!

  4. That scarflette is beautiful! And I love those washcloths! They remind me of my grandmother. She uses them in her kitchen all the time. She gave me some when I got married, and 10 years later I'm still using them.


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