Monday, January 21, 2008


Believe it or not I got a few thing accomplished this weekend! Truthfully I knit the French Press cozy on Thursday, but much of the spinning happened this weekend. I even got a few things knit and photographed for the shop - a recycled silk scarflette, a funky wool hat, and a crocheted pocket. You'll have to be watching the shop for these things to appear this week.

Now let me share the creations. The large picture above is some blue and cream yarn that I spun and have begun to ply together. I plan to use that yarn for the pattern part of the leg warmers I have chosen from Knitty. I have about 2 ounces of brown wool which won't be enough for the main color so I plan to buy some from the alpaca farm this weekend - hope they have brown.

And here is my cute cozy. This red yarn is the first yarn that I spun - ever. I knit it in a diagonal pattern and used coconut shell buttons. It will, of course, hold a special place in my array of knit items since it is the first spun and knit project, what do you think?

Well, back to knitting, I'm working on another recycled silk hat. But as always don't forget to take the poll!


  1. Wow...that´s looks good and nice idea!

  2. your first yarns are lovely! They're so much more even than mine (which looked like lumpy intestines).


  3. Wow - that yarn is fabulous! I just finished my first batch of yarn tonight, no plying yet. I plan to knit it into something, but I haven't picked out the mini project yet. I have some hand dyed roving waiting to be used, but I need to get better at the spinning part before using it :)


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