Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CRAFTY beautiful recycled yarns

That's right folks the picture on the right is the original sweater and the left is the beautiful yarn that you have the opportunity purchase! How many unwanted and ugly sweaters have you seen in the thrift store? Well, craftyyarn takes those high quality sweaters, unravels them, washes them up, and offers them to you and your creativeness in her shop CRAFTY - beautiful recycled yarns.

Here is a little bit about craftyyarn from her bio: "I live in Leucadia, California and am an architect by day. I'm a knitter and am fascinated with anything recycled, reclaimed, salvaged or found. To me, being crafty means taking second-hand stuff and making something out of it that only a small-scale, low-tech crafter could. When I finish recycling a sweater, I've had fun creating something and have made something that another crafter can enjoy working with too."

Enjoy shopping AND recycling!


  1. What a freaking fabulous idea!!!! It never would have occurred to me - and that yarn is just gorgeous!

  2. i purchased from craftyyarns and i'm currently loving making mitts and gloves out of it! soon i'll be blogging about them too..

  3. This is so cool! Thanks for the heads up about this shop!


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