Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back at it...

Today I'm jumping back into my second leg wamer. They sorta got put on hold for this house sitting gig. I have been enjoying house sitting, but there are so many chores for the animals and so many of them to play with that I really haven't gotten any knitting done at all. So this morning I spent time surfing Ravelry for some inspiration to finish my second leg warmer. I'm doing pretty well, I'm on row 56 out of 76 - then there will be 2.5 inches of ribbing.

The reason I must be inspired is that I have ordered some beautiful Cascade 220 Heathers in deep red to begin knitting my first "real" sweater. The sweater I'll be knitting is called Wicked and I'm planning to modify it by making it long sleeved and doing the collar ribbing on the bottom as well. I will also make it longer. So that is my upcoming project that means I must complete these leg warmers.

Oh I nearly forgot, I have some serious blocking to do for Christmas and two presents that I totally forgot about... time to go pattern surf.


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