Thursday, October 9, 2008

Taos Fiber Festival Goodies

I realized that I hadn't shared with you the fibery goodness I purchased at the Taos Wool Festival. Let us begin with this lovely skein of green and gold. I purchased this from a friend who had a booth down there, and her brand is called Prairie Falcon Fibers. My plans for this skein are to make some form fitting leg warmers. I have leg warmers that are slouchy, and I love them, but I decided this winter I would also like to have some that fit my leg more snug.

I also purchase some really snuggly fiber. This booth had 4 ounce bags for $7 so I couldn't resist getting two. They has some really cool fiber that was like candy somehow, ha ha - it had a dark fiber middle covered by a white fiber. SO pretty! So I bought a bag of that and some very nice dark brown wool.

Then we found out the Taos Sunflower was going out of business and had some sales going so we headed over there. I picked up some Clover needles size 6 for three bucks and some of this lovely Nature Cotton. The cotton doesn't have an exact purpose yet, but I'm thinking I might make a market bag for myself.

So those are all of my goodies, I figured I should give you a chance to drool too!

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  1. I am so impressed with your yarn talent, and I hope you do make a market bag with that cotton. I am interested to see how that comes out!!


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