Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spinning Wheel Dreams

Lately I have been day dreaming about the Lendrum DT complete. I may have mentioned before that this is the wheel I hope to one day own, but it is currently on my mind because the question in my family is "what do you want for Christmas?". No, no, no, we do not buy each other gifts that cost $622 - this I know. But I am trying to decided if I want to start a Lendrum fund with Christmas gift money.

Truth is I'm leaning towards starting the fund after Christmas. Main reason - I really enjoy presents, even if I know what they are. And although I might be able to get a jump start on my Lendrum fund if it is all I ask for at Christmas, I know that I would be a little disappointed to have nothing to open.

So the result of all this typing babble is that I will save for the wheel starting in January and that I am probably a little selfish.

It's so pretty!

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