Monday, October 13, 2008

Odd and Ends

I forgot to take a photo of my latest yarn so I decided to share some odds and ends. I went nuts with contact paper a week or so ago. This photo is of the poppies on the bottom of my bedroom door. Sadly the only available color was this powder blue. I also put an owl in the kitchen and some funky stars on our front door.

Last night I went to bed in sort of a funk. I can't quite identify where this said funk is coming from, but if I don't identify it soon I think I make take a "mental health" day on Wednesday. Sometimes you just need to be home alone for a whole day doing whatever you want. The ridiculous thing is that work isn't even busy it just isn't home - a place where I never seem to be anymore.

David and I went for a hike this past Saturday, it had been a while. Oh and we had to hike back in the pouring rain. I was sort of prepared for this, but not exactly. We had figured it would rain some and definately did on our hike out, but it didn't pour. As soon as we turned around to hike back it just POURED! So anyhow, after hikes like that a hot shower is incredible (notice the plural there, this isn't the first time I have been drenched after a hike).

Oh I thought I'd throw in a photo of the bunny from the wool festival because he was really cute.

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  1. The poppies are nice..even if they are blue. The bunny is cute! The funk...yes, I understand. I've been in one myself for a week. Keep going for hikes; it helps the body and the brain.

    Adding your blog to my follow list today...yay! :-D

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