Friday, October 3, 2008

On the Needles

So I thought I share what I'm currently knitting since it is bound to change soon - this Swiss Cheese Scarf from Ravelry. Truth be told I'm about twice as far as this photo shows. This is upcycled alpaca wool that I unraveled and will probably dye burnt orange when the scarf is finished.

The reason my current knitting is going to change soon is that the Taos Wool Festival is this weekend and I have given myself a list of permissible wool/yarn to purchase. I am allowed to buy merino top at a good price for dyeing/spinning, sock yarn for two Christmas gifts, possible cardigan yarn, and/or great leg warmer yarn in either worsted or DK weight. I'm so excited that I actually have a little $$ to spend at this festival, that never seems to happen. Also the trip to the festival will be fabulous because I am going with some great women so that equals a wonderful day no matter what!

For your weekend viewing I leave you with a photo of the flowers my hubby got me for our anniversary, and of the Etsy shipment I'm sending off today. Have a great weekend and cast your vote on the right side of this page!


  1. Your blog has great pictures.

  2. pretty flowers, what a nice husband! what kind of camera do you use? such lovely clear shots

  3. Beautiful Day Lillies and beautiful knitting too!

  4. I voted but it was really hard to choose one.

    You've been tagged by me:)
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