Monday, October 27, 2008

Photos of Who I Am

So I was blog surfing and I came across this little mosaic creation and I thought I would enjoy trying it and I decided I should share it with you. David and I are house/pet sitting so I have no new knitting or spinning photos at the moment but there will be more to come this week.

So this is what I did for this mosaic...
* type your answer to each question below into Flickr Search
* using only the first page of results, pick an image
* copy and paste each URL into fd's mosaic maker
* blog it!
Photos of Who I Am

The Questions:

1. What is your first name? Emmy (but I typed Emmy Lou because that is what some people call me - and I like this photo the best)
2. What is your favorite food? stove top popcorn
3. What high school did you go to? Pensacola Christian Academy
4. What is your favorite color? Orange
5. Who is your celebrity crush? John Krasinski
6. What is your favorite drink? Chai
7. Dream vacation? Tour of Europe
8. Favorite dessert? Tiramisu
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Mindful
10. What do you love most in life? Creativity
11. One word to describe you? Sensative
12. Your flickr name? emmylouhelmuth

1. Emmy Lou's Guitar, 2. popcorn, 3. Springfield Academy, 4. Green Tea Sunset, 5. John Krasinski, 6. Tea..., 7. Street sellers, 8. pick-me-up, 9. helping hand, 10. From above..., 11. Kevin Carter - Pulitzer 1994, 12. Etsy Front Page 8/25/08 utilemud


  1. That is really clever, love all the pictures together.

  2. this is awesome, thank you for sharing:)

  3. Verrry neat! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to do this as my post for Wednesday!!

    <3 Mannie

  4. What a great way to show a little about you through photos! Thanks for sharing.


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