Thursday, February 5, 2009

Canning - Strawberries and Tomatoes

Some of you may recall my excitement late last year about learning to preserve food. For Christmas I got this awesome book by Ball which has oodles of great recipes for canning, and I a got a jar lifter from mom - jar lifters are VERY helpful.

So I have been monitoring the produce section for good sales so that I could dive into some canning and this week was gold! Strawberries for a dollar a carton and roma tomatoes for a dollar a pound! Hooray!

Looking through my awesome book I chose one of the many strawberry jam recipes, and also found a yummy looking recipe for bruschetta.

The jam turned out really, really great. I went out and bought a very fresh loaf of white bread from the bakery, toasted a slice and spread some butter and then spooned on the jam. I was instantly back in my grandma's kitchen and it was summer time. I'm even drooling a little bit now as I type about it - yum.

Now, for the bruschetta. I can't say as many wonderful tales about it simply because I haven't tried it yet. But I must admit my hopes are rather low.

See, I'm still learning about this canning thing and I think I packed my tomatoes a little too tight which means not enough of the yummy wine, vinegar, and herb mixture may have made it into the jars.

I could be wrong, but if I'm not I'm sure they will still taste good on pizza.

Those have been my recent canning adventures, in the world of knitting not a lot is happening. I am knitting some gloves to match my new hat but I'm not yet sure if I want the gloves so they may be listed on Etsy.

I'm getting ready to order some yarn for a baby blanket (out of Knitalong) for a friend, but the big news is David actually ASKED for hat!!!!

I don't know if I can communicate how huge this is. David hasn't ever wanted me to knit ANYTHING for him and believe me, I have offered. So I need to get some nice merino and spin it up for a hat. I'm guessing he is going to want a neutarl brown, black, or gray, but I am okay with that.

So what is going on with all of you?

Well, since I'm doing a foodie post here's what's for supper tonight: Chili and Honey Chicken Legs, that homely Cabbage and Ramen Salad, some scalloped/cheesy potatoes that I sorta made up and put in the crock pot this morning, and for dessert fresh strawberries (and maybe chocolate pie, we'll see how things go).


  1. Homemade strawberry jam sounds wonderful!! Lovely photos, too.


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