Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Weekend Sewing Project

Not sewing for this weekend, but from last weekend. I was just in the mood to make a bag of some sort (since bags are my vice), and I had come across this pattern in earlier blog reading and decided to go for it. Now I'll ask that you forgive the photography - I was impatient so I decided to use the flash.

The bag ended up taking me most of the day on Monday. I wasn't exactly planning on that, but oh well - what else shall one do with a holiday?

I'm glad to say there were no mishaps, such as me cutting fabric to the wrong dimensions or sewing anything backwards. In fact, I only got stumped a bit at the end for the putting-it-all-together part. The confusion just took some careful reading to get sorted out.

I am very happy with how the project turned out as a whole. Sorry I don't have any modeled shots, just the one of the bag hanging on a nail.

Side note: my apartment has TONS of nails in the walls. Either the previous dwellers had a lot of art or no one who has lived here previously can agree on where art should be hung. So silly.

For my next project I REALLY want to make this toiletry/box bag. I already have great fabric for it, but I need to get some medium weight interfacing and a green zipper. Oh how I love green.

You have all been rather quiet out there in blog-land, what are you up to?

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  1. Hellloooo Emmy and David! So, we will be in Palmer Lake near to Colorado Springs. We would love, love, love to see you. How far is that from where y'all live? And David's hat looks fabulous!


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