Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hat Progress and Cozy Madness

The hat is coming along nicely. I am very pleased with how my yarn is knitting up. I didn't try to make this a variegated gray, but it looks really great - if I do say so myself. Also I can't get over how soft this merino super wash is! I purchased it this weekend at my lys (local yarn shop).

I'm very excited that I can say I have a "lys". This is rather a new development, sort of. Kim had booth at local antique store for awhile, but now she has a window space is a shop she is sharing with a local scrap booking business. So the amazing selection of yarn has grown and is even more tempting than before. Anyhow, I just thought I'd give a little shout out since my hat yarn is made with lucious fiber from her shop. Oh and you can find her online here.

In Etsy news French Press Cozies still seem to be of great interest so I knit up this B.O.B. inspired cozy. I'm planning to stitch on some wood buttons this evening. The cables and ribbing aren't exactly like the sweater, but I did use the same yarn. Even so, I might have to call this one "Bob's Sweater". Maybe it will prompt someone to name their french press Bob. We'll see.

Onto my hat knitting! Have a great day!


  1. Oh my goodness...as soon as I saw that cute cozy I thought it would look REALLY cute with some buttons....LOL! Great stuff!

  2. Beautiful, the yarn looks so nice, as does your work of course. :)


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