Monday, February 9, 2009

New Project

I haven't written much about knitting recently because I haven't had a project that has gotten me very excited. So what do I do? Just cast on another project, yeah doesn't make much sense really.

I started making these "quilt" squares for the Barn Raising Quilt in Knitalong. This will be an ongoing project, especially considering I don't knit that many socks (which is the type of yarn used for the squares). Anyhow, they are quick and rather mindless little projects which I'm enjoying.

The project I am VERY excited to start is my husband's new hat. For those of you who are popping onto my blog for the first time let me tell you that David has NEVER asked for anything knit. In fact, any offer I have made of something knitted has been kindly declined.

Recently David has had a need for a new hat so we found the perfect simple pattern and yesterday I dyed this yummy merino a sort of charcoal color - I'm calling it "chalkboard".

This soft and snuggly yarn will be knit into this hat: Jacques Cousteau (ravelry link). I wanted to cast it on this morning, but as I tried to quickly wind it into a ball my skein became a knot and I ended up being 20 minutes late for work without the yarn. But tonight I will begin!

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