Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Latest in the Shop

It's Tuesday and yesterday I wanted to post about my box bag and and Balsamic Red Pepper Jelly, but my photos turned out bleh so it will have to wait. Note to self: always best to wait for daylight before photographing anything (I have a feeling I have noted this before).

So for today I will share with you my latest Esty listing: simply navy. I am getting tired of knitting with navy yarn so this was my effort to use up some of what I have. Don't get me wrong, I very much like navy. The problem is my last two and half projects have been with navy (B.O.B., hat, and a glove) so it is time to move on.I knit this hat with my personal hand spun yarn. I dyed this yarn a bright navy that has some personality. This hat is lighter weight so it is perfect for those chilly spring mornings.

When knitting this hat I did some subtle mock cabling for the ribbing and then straight stockinette for the remainder of the hat. This detail give the hat a bit of simple femininity.

On a bit of a side topic I am in need of your advice. When I first began on Etsy it was very taboo to model hats. Many people said that they would never buy a hat that was being modeled because it had then been on someone else's head. Personally that wouldn't bother me so my question to you is this... would you prefer to see my hats modeled? Or would that deter you from purchasing one of them? I'm just wondering if things have changed or if I should still avoid modeling.


  1. Hi Emmy,

    I really like your new blog colors and your header picture! How about modeling the hats on a wig head? Personally, I like to see a hat looks on a head before I buy it or before I knit it - if you use a wig head you can photograph the hat very easily and not worry about the hat getting dirty from someone's head.

    I actually have several wig heads from when I sold felted hats - I'll bring one for you to have to knitting at your house tomorrow!


  2. I think it would be great to model them, on a wig head would be a great compromise!
    This way you get the look of the hat filled out, and no one can say.. eww it's been worn! (which wouldn't bother me but it would some people)


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