Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Box Bag

I whipped out a box bag the other night. I say "whipped out" because I definately didn't take time and care into my measurements. I am certain if I had spent more time on my sewing my dimensions would have turned out properly, but as it is I like it. I needed the bag by Thursday and my only night to make it was Sunday - hence the rush.

I purchased a bit of interfacing and found 30 cent zippers at the thrift store. For the outside fabric I used a retro pillowcase I bought in December for 50 cents and for the lining a remnant I purchased last year. Simply, this was a very thrifty box bag.

I mentioned my dimensions didn't end up being quite right - solely because of my rushing. I made the bottom of the bag a bit fatter than the top, but it gave a nice effect in my opinion.

The main reason I am pretty stoked about this bag is that it fits my makeup, deodorant, toothpaste, face lotion, contact stuff, and glasses case! This makes me very happy because I really like to be a compact traveler.

In the non crafty aspects of life today is Ash Wednesday. The church community I grew up in did not have much emphasis on giving something up for lent so therefore I'm not in the habit of doing so. This year though I thought I might commit to something rather than give something up.

Since being out of collage, being married, and having a blog my personal journaling has suffered greatly. I'm not ready to make some outrageous commitment to journaling everyday like I used to because I just know that won't happen, but I would like to make the commitment of doing it once a week.

I just find journaling to be a good mental process for me as well as a healthy spiritual commitment. It actually makes me think about my life beyond myself and gives me a chance to be creative in a different way. So there you have it.

If you feel like it share with the blog world what you will be committing to in the season of lent go ahead and leave it in the comments.


  1. What a sweet, handy, stylish little bag.

  2. That's a great sunny bag you whipped up!

  3. That is a great bag you made there!

  4. Emmy, The box bag is very nice! I like your idea of committing to something rather than giving up something during Lent. I need to give it some thought.

  5. Hi Emmy,

    I think it is a wonderful idea to commit to something for Lent rather than give something up. I'm going to try and commit to finishing up projects that have gone into hybernation. This will be very good in making a person feel better and more worthy.

    What a good idea.



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